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Lottery Hongkong

If you want to try your luck in Lottery Hongkong, there are many advantages to playing this lottery online. Unlike traditional lotteries, you won’t have to drive to the nearest lottery office, stand in line, or even pay any fees. You can play at your own convenience and get an alert if you win! You can even check your winning combinations from the comfort of your home! Read on to discover more about online lotteries!

Lottery Hongkong is one of the most popular lottery games in Hong Kong, and the jackpot is higher than most lotteries in the world. The minimum prize is HKD$8 million, and the maximum is HKD$100 million. If you don’t win the jackpot, there is a special feature called the Snowball Pool, which adds another number to the prize pool at random on certain public holidays and festivals.

The lottery has helped Hong Kong’s education. Since its inception, 100% of the proceeds go towards the education program of the government. A percentage of the money is spent on reducing class size ratios in public schools, which helps children receive a better education. The remaining 40% is spent on school repairs. These repairs help schools to improve the quality of education and minimize safety hazards. This makes the lottery a great source of funds for Hong Kong.

A second feature is the Snowball Draw, a special event held on top of the regular Match Six drawings. Usually held on special occasions, the Snowball Draw has bigger jackpots than regular draws, with prizes worth over 100 million Hong Kong dollars. In addition, Snowball Draws are also held on special days like summer festivals and Christmas. There are several other exciting special events organized by Lottery Hongkong every year.