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The Singapore lottery is a government-run draw that offers players the chance to win big. Apart from cash prizes, the lottery also offers various other prizes. To play, you can purchase lottery tickets online or at regional stores. Choosing the right numbers for your lotto ticket is essential to increase your chances of winning. You should also make sure that the number combinations on your ticket match those of previous draws. Otherwise, you might not be able to win in the next draw. It is also important to select the correct weights of balls. If the balls are not the right weight, your numbers may not match and you may lose more money than you spend.

The Toto lottery game in Singapore has a prize pool of SGD $1 million. The prize pool is divided into 7 gatherings of big stake prizes. Each group has its own prize pool, which varies depending on the winning numbers matched with the ToTo ticket. You must match at least three numbers in order to win a prize.

The winning numbers of the Lottery Singapore are published on its official website and mobile app. If you are unable to attend the drawing, you can use a lottery fortune number generator. The software is designed to predict lottery numbers and can be extremely accurate. You can even use it as a guideline when purchasing tickets.