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Lottery Singapore

The Singapore Lottery is a government-operated lottery. It is available to all residents of the country. However, minors are not allowed to purchase tickets.

There are three types of lottery in Singapore. First, there is the Toto lottery. In Toto, players choose six numbers from the range of 1 to 49. These numbers are then generated by a computer. When the final two digits of the ticket number match any of the nine winning two-digit numbers, the player wins.

Second, there is the 99JITU TOTO. This lottery has different names in various countries. Among these, the Singapore version is called 99JITU TOTO.

Third, there is the 4D lottery. The 4D lottery is one of the most popular gambling activities in Singapore. Each ticket costs S$3 and offers a one in a million chance of winning. Players can find out more about the lottery on Singapore Pools’ website.

Buying tickets from Singapore Pools is easy. You can buy them from any of their outlets. Those who have questions can get in touch with their staff through a chat.

Purchasing lottery tickets online is also an option. You can save time and money by doing so. With an online lottery, you can play any time of the day.

Online lottery is a great way to experience the thrill of playing lottery. You can set reminders to play and check on the results in the comfort of your home. Moreover, you can play games on your smartphone, tablet or computer.