The Mark Six Lottery in Hong Kong

The Mark Six Lottery is one of the oldest and most popular lottery games in Hong Kong. First launched in 1975, it has become a staple part of Hong Kong life and is widely played by many people across the city.

Its jackpots can reach huge sums and players have the opportunity to win on a regular basis through the use of lottery strategies. In addition to that, a variety of special draws are held throughout the year including Snowball Drawings and XOTTO.

The game is run by HKJC Lotteries Ltd., a subsidiary of the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC). It is a non-profit organisation with any surplus money donated to charities and community projects across the city.

Tickets for the Mark Six Lottery are sold from Hong Kong Jockey Club branches and on authorized lottery agents websites. Anyone can purchase these tickets, but they must be at least 18 years old.

In order to play, you must select six numbers from a pool from 1 to 49. The winning number is chosen by a machine and the prizes are split between seven prize levels.

Winnings are not taxed in Hong Kong but you should check with your country to see if you are required to pay taxes on your winnings.

In addition, some items like smartphones and tablets can be subject to a higher tax rate in China. This is due to the current economic situation and the government’s efforts to stabilize the economy.